Basic services

Basic services are the most chosen ways of removing stains and dirt. Get to know more about our basic services.


This method uses water as a primary cleaning solution. To enhance efficiency of the procedure we look after an appropriate mechanical action, we use delicate laundry products, time and temperature allocated to each washing cycle.

Dry cleaning

It is a cleaning process for clothing and textiles, recommended for a large variety of fabrics. A dry cleaning machine is similar to a washing machine, except that it is larger and uses a closed – loop system: the solvent is recovered, filtered and reused in the next cleaning cycle. Nowadays, the dry cleaning method remains the most efficient way to remove grease stains and other regular marks. The treatment facilitates ironing as well. In some of our laundries your clothes will be ready just in 2 hours’ time. If you want to know the details, ask our employee.

* Aquasec

Aquasec is a modern and eco – friendly alternative to dry cleaning. It is a cleaning process involving water – safe for the most delicate fabrics and allergy – friendly. It accentuates the natural softness of fabrics, eliminates stains and persistent smells, and protects color intensity. Service available in selected stores only.
*service available in selected stores only


The ironing techniques used exclusively in our laundries have been developed by EBS itself. We use special steam irons with pressured steam flow heating system, capable of operating at 130 °C. Steam generators in our ironing tables operate under high pressure, which create perfect conditions to iron delicate garments. Some of the heat is absorbed by surroundings, hence the actual ironing temperature is even lower.

Each member of our staff receives a comprehensive training on ironing. That’s why we return your clothing and household items impeccably ironed.


Mangling is a mechanical ironing procedure in maximally high temperature. Mangling is more efficient than the manual ironing – laborious and tedious. Mangling bedclothes extends their life span, facilitates storage and enhances aesthetic qualities. Service available in selected stores only.


EBS offers a comprehensive carpet cleaning service combined with protection against damp and mites removal.

Sewing and alterations

Some of our EBS stores offers sewing alterations services, e.g. shortening, fitting, taking in, replacing zippers and adding buttons, alterations of leather garments.

The list of EBS stores with alterations services available:

  • EBS Warszawa, C.H. Galeria Mokotów
  • EBS Warszawa, C.H. Leclerc, ul. Ciszewskiego 15
  • EBS Warszawa, C.H. Złote Tarasy
  • EBS Kraków, C.H. Galeria Kazimierz
  • EBS Wrocław, C.H. Ferio Gaj
  • EBS Konstancin Jeziorna
  • EBS Łódź, C.H. Manufaktura

EBS w skrócie

Ponad 20 letnia obecność na polskim rynku, wcześniej pod nazwą 5asec, zapewniła nam tytuł lidera w branży usług pralniczych.

We offer to our Clients a comprehensive set of services including clothes and household textiles laundry and leather shoes restoration. We divide our services into standard, specialized and premium.

In the latter category there is a special place for the technology of water treatment Aquasec, which protects the fabric and the colour, removes stains and persistent smell, restoring your favourite clothes freshness and softness.

EBS to wiele korzyści:

  • highest customer service standards (consumer research Ipsos, 2015)
  • the state-of-art laundry technologies
  • proved professionalism of services (consumer research Ipsos, 2015)
  • short delivery period
  • atrakcyjny program lojalnościowy dla posiadaczy karty Club EBS: 15% rabatu na wszystkie usługi przy każdej wizycie w pralni oraz dodatkowe dedykowane promocje i zniżki.

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