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Do you wash a lot of business shirts? We’ve got a new offer for you. Get to know our shirts’ subscriptions.

Get a quote. Service available in selected 5àsec stores only.

If you often bring a lot of business shirts to was, we have a perfect offer for you. Get our shirts’ subscription and get five or more shirts washed for free!

We offer different subscriptions for different amounts of shirts and different prices. There are three subscription types but in the given laundry there might be just one or all available. Shirts’ subscription shall be used in the store of purchase.

Visit the 5àsec store and ask our employee for the details.

We encourage you to see the Terms & Condidtions of the offer
Shirts’ subscription offer’s Terms & Condition

See you at 5asec!

EBS w skrócie

Ponad 20 letnia obecność na polskim rynku, wcześniej pod nazwą 5asec, zapewniła nam tytuł lidera w branży usług pralniczych.

We offer to our Clients a comprehensive set of services including clothes and household textiles laundry and leather shoes restoration. We divide our services into standard, specialized and premium.

In the latter category there is a special place for the technology of water treatment Aquasec, which protects the fabric and the colour, removes stains and persistent smell, restoring your favourite clothes freshness and softness.

EBS to wiele korzyści:

  • highest customer service standards (consumer research Ipsos, 2015)
  • the state-of-art laundry technologies
  • proved professionalism of services (consumer research Ipsos, 2015)
  • short delivery period
  • atrakcyjny program lojalnościowy dla posiadaczy karty Club EBS: 15% rabatu na wszystkie usługi przy każdej wizycie w pralni oraz dodatkowe dedykowane promocje i zniżki.

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